During this pandemic season, physical distancing has become the new normal. However, we still need relational connections to help us grow and thrive in these challenging times.

Recently, I have found myself craving more physical, social and professional interaction. I truly value my social connections, as I tend to draw energy from being around people who are positive and uplifting. Cultivating a connection with others that is distant yet close is something I am working on because I realize how important it is for personal growth.

Here are four things I'd like to share, which are helping me stay focused:

  1. Being of service to others - Joy is found in serving a greater cause than self. Being kind and generous even with the little that you have sparks joy.
  2. Connecting regularly with my social networks who energise me by sharing my stories, articles, and videos.
  3. Self-care activities - Prayer, Exercise, Fun (PEF). Building and maintaining a strong mindset by focusing on things that produce positive emotions. I try to connect with nature, do something fun and pray every day.
  4. Daily gratitude - Being grateful for simple things like breathing clean air or staying connected via technology.

How are you cultivating a connection with yourself and others to remain grounded during this pandemic season?